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As a leading Magento Development Agency, Upment provides exceptional eCommerce websites from design to full stack development. Our knowledge of customer journeys is essential in helping your business gain leads and sales.

Our clients range from small businesses through to large online eCommerce website companies.

We work across various industries and build Magento solutions that are fast and effective. Many businesses require complex bespoke features, which our team of senior developers can provide exceptional solutions to these requirements, as they understand the intricacies of Magento; making sure the right jigsaw piece fits correctly.

Magento Jigsaw

Service Support for Your Business

Store Audit

A proper audit tackles the issues around slow websites, user experience or rankings. We break audits down into three categories: Technical Audit, UX and SEO; provide the resolves to fix these issues.

Speed Optimisation

An eCommerce store needs to be fast and allow your audience to swiftly purchase the items they desire. We focus on performance enhancements, that’ll provide you with the purchasing traction you need.


Our goal is to create a Magento shopping experience that inspires and engages the target audience, with a real focus on usability and design that lead to sales and measurable results.

ERP Integration

Our ERP specialists integrate a range of systems making it easier for your business to share data across multiple systems, giving you full control of insights and improving productivity in your business.


Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 can be pretty straightforward as long as it is planned and managed correctly. We also provide migration service from other platforms such as Shopify.

Ongoing Support

eCommerce websites are organic and require support and maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly. Upment offers a range of Magento support packages to suite any businesses needs.

Reasons to Choose Upment

Specialist Expertise

We are incredibly proud of our team we have built here at Upment, picking the best of the pool (actually 30% asked to work with us), they are smart, experienced people, that all follow the same ethos of delivering high performance websites that make a tangible impact on our client’s bottom line, and we have the data to prove how we have improved our clients’ ROI.


Our model means that we can off a more flexible approach over any other development agency. We can work around budgets, provide you with the right team members, and agile in the way a project is executed. This flexible approach has proved a success with our clients.

Our Core Values

Integrity – we are passionate about our work, our clients and our team. We treat everyone with honesty and respect, and expect to be treated in the same way.

Ambition – every project we get, we approach it with energy and dynamism. With complex projects, we look for innovative solutions and love to think big. Your success is our ambition, as that’s our success.

Creativity – we encourage our team to utilise their creative steak, it’s not just about coding – it’s about strategic vision for our clients.

Pride – like artists we are proud of every development project we do and are happy to sign every project. We strive for perfection in every task we do.

Looking to make a career move - check out our Work with us page.

What’s Important in eCommerce

Products - Selling products is about selling your customers on your brand, leading customers to make purchases, an understanding on why they convert is key.

Customer Journey - Experience driven UX in today’s eCommerce landscape is everything, with customers becoming more discriminating; a compelling user experience is an influential differentiator.

Insights – Customers have tons of options on where to spend their money, through education, experience and an understanding of user objections, you can improve your business options – making you the best option.

Convenience – having a complex and confusing experience, will take sale opportunities of the table. If the customer can’t get to the product and checkout in a few clicks, they will go elsewhere.

If those ring true for you, come start a conversation with us.

Our Clients

Over the years we have worked with a range of amazing clients, here are just a few

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