Get from the idea stage to selling online with our Accelerator Magento Service
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You need a web store, and you need it now

Shopping is more online now than ever before. In most retail sectors, online sales this past March were 74 percent higher than a year ago. Some direct-to-consumer brands achieved record-breaking digital sales in the first quarter of 2020. And a growing numbers of B2B companies are transitioning to digital business models

What is Accelerator Magento Service?

Accelerator Magento Service has been designed for any business that needs to start selling via an e-commerce store quickly. Maybe you’ll recognise one of the following

Offline to online ASAP

Offline to Online ASAP

Due to the present situation of the past few months, we have had many new clients come on board wanting to move their off-line products to an online functional e-commerce store, and these clients want their online visibility yesterday as each day they have been losing massive amounts of revenue.

For Launching a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS From Scratch.


The Re-Platform

Some clients have discovered that their online sales have hit the roof over the past few months. This has demonstrated to them that they present online store is unstable and not fit for purpose, these clients have requested for us to re-platform them in record time.


Business growth

Business Growth

Some businesses require help in scaling their online offerings quickly, by integrating new systems and functionality. Let our professional developers take lead and develop a strong foundation to succeed.


Adopt the Phased Approach

Accelerator Magento Service is designed to get any business trading online quickly.

We will take a phased approach that allows you to have a complete functional site at record delivery time, enabling you to start earning revenue the minute you go live, but the site will be prepared for future developments in phases.

It takes the complexity out of getting an online store

What did you find most impressive about this Upment?

“The most impressive thing about the company was the dedication from the whole team on delivering projects on time and covering the full scope, something which many development teams often promise but rarely deliver. They had a solid grasp on the company goals and aims, enabling them to help advise on strategy and articulate exactly what we needed from a technical stand point (to ourselves and third parties as required). Their support was also truly impressive, as they remained dedicated and if any issues came up they would work swiftly to help resolve them and, in my opinion more importantly, ensure these issues did not happen again.”

The Proven 4 Step Plan

We are in this together and your success is our success. Taking a strategic approach to help you move your business ahead.

Step 1

Step 1


This is where we discuss your objectives and learn more about your business, enabling us to define a well oiled phased project outline. 

Step 2

Step 2

Technical Outline

We will provide you with an outline and a strategic approach to reach your business goals in record time, focusing on your viable products first.

Step 3

Step 3

The Build

Once we have scoped out your business, we can then start building your online store. Everything we do is transparent and you can add your input at every stage of the build process.

Step 4

Step 4

Next Steps

Once your online store is live, we can then start focusing on all the other features you would like to add to your store. Throughout the process, we will discuss strategic ideas to move your business forward.

Why you should use Magento for your store

Advantages of using Magento Platform

Magento is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms in the world, it’s the ‘GO TO’ platform for the likes of: Nike, Olympus, Ford, Coca Cola, Hermes, Lenova and many other big to small business enterprises.

Magento is broken down into two platforms.

Magento Open Source - Unlike SaaS systems such as Shopify, there are no license fee or limits on how much you can trade up to online with Magento. This means you can grow your business without any restraints. Magento is great for customisation, enabling you to brand the site to the way you want and not having to follow predefined fixed templates. This is a good choice for small, medium to large businesses.

Magento Commerce - This is Magento’s enterprise level, providing more out of the box features, a full drag and drop content management system. Even though this one does have a licence fee, this can be operated as a cloud or on premise solution, enabling you to grow without being hindered.

We will help you choose which is the right option for your business

Magento an Adobe Company

What was the team composition?

"Initially the team composition was James Wayland (Head of Marketing) and I dealing with predominately Yane himself, to improve Systems set up. However, as things progressed, and we began to get them to work on different projects, they brought in their own internal specialists, selecting the best suited developer for each project to get us the best result and to achieve the quickest turnaround for each project. This led to us always utilizing the best member of their team for each task. Their own excellent internal team communication allowed them to consistently understand any recent changes to our system set up, removing any worries for us when they brought a new developer from their team to work on our projects.”

Magento Open Source or Commerce

Package One

Package One

Magento 2.3 set up
Choice of Default Theme
Branding - add your logo, colours and font type
Delivery and Payment configuration
SEO check

Package Two

Package Two

Magento 2.3 set up
Choice of Default Theme
Branding - add your logo, colours and font type
Delivery and Payment configuration
SEO check
Stock and Order ERP integration (XML or API)

Also included in the both packages

Project discovery session

Strategic outline document

Technical requirements document

Server configuration and architecture

Code repository and theme deployment

Build and QA

Payment and delivery configuration

We work on a transparent basis and all our partners will have access to our Project Management system. This is where you will be able to see what we are doing, time spent on tasks, comment – well - you'll pretty much know what is going on with your online store build process.

What makes Upment stand out from the crowd?

"Their abilities lie in that fact that they are both client facing as well as technically adept in producing quality design materials. This combination of skills makes them stand out from the crowd and makes them a good choice for any client who is looking for a company who can deliver what they promises."

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