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Global online retail sales are growing exponentially. In 2018 retail sales reached a staggering £2k trillion, and £106 billion of that was on mobile devices.

We need to make sure that you tap into that market, and by having a good website that is compatible with the latest devices is imperative. This is a clear sign that customers have warmed to the idea of making purchases on their phones; however, that has put even more pressure on brands to improve their mobile experience, which in turn, is shifting the nature of brand loyalty.

If consumers shopping expectations aren’t met, they will go elsewhere.

This is where we work with you to develop an exceptional shopping journey creating brand loyalty and that's what makes us a top rated service. 


Building it Right

Building a website is complex in itself; however, building the rights e-commerce websites is key to your success. Our team of highly educated dedicated Magento developers are here to help you grow your business and e-commerce website.

Lots of Happy!
Just use us as an extension of your business, we work on development via the collaboration process, this seems to suit our clients expectations, and builds a strong partnership between us. So far all our clients have been extremely happy with how we have changed their e-commerce business, and if you are happy, we’re happy – then we know your customers will be equally happy.

How we can Help


Design from Scratch

If you are starting out in business, then our team can help you from the design stage through to the development stage. This also includes the full customer journey, which is imperative to get customers purchasing your products.


Magento Store Customisation

If you already have a store, without understanding of how Magento works, we provide a store customization development service. This is sometimes the perfect start to get your Magento site running more smoothly.


Magento 2 Migration

If your business is already successfully running with Magento and wanting to go to the next level, we offer help in seamlessly migrating from a Magento 1 to Magento 2.


Magento Maintenance Support

Keeping your Magento site running at its full potential is imperative, this is why we can help you keep your store running smoothly, with the latest security updates and core features that are regularly made available from Magento.


Code Audit

Code can deteriorate overtime this is where we can do a full code audit service repairing those areas that need improvement. We also offer a monitoring service that keeps your online store performance working optimally.


Magento Tools Implementation 

Magento’s tools offering can really help your business grow and used in conjunction with any online campaigns you are doing - is a true way to success. These tools include: automatic discount codes, multi-tier pricing, too many to mention here. 

Our Magento services are quite endless, so do contact us if you don't see what you are looking for

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