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Design from scratch

Design from Scratch

If you are starting out in business, then our team can help you from the design stage through to the development stage. This also includes the full customer journey, which is imperative to get customers purchasing your products.

Magento store customisation

Magento Development & Customisation

If you already have a store, without understanding of how Magento works, we provide a store customization development service. This is sometimes the perfect start to get your Magento site running more smoothly.

Magento 2 migration

Migration to Magento 2

If your business is already successfully running with Magento and wanting to go to the next level, we offer help in seamlessly migrating from a Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Magento Maintenance Support

Magento Maintenance & Support

Keeping your Magento site running at its full potential is imperative, this is why we can help you keep your store running smoothly, with the latest security updates and core features that are regularly made available from Magento.

Magento code audit

Magento Audits

Our team conducts comprehensive assessments meticulously crafted to evaluate the efficiency, security, and overall health of your online business. We have four different audits that we perform: Technical Audit, SEO audit, UX audit and PPC audit.

Magento Tools Implementation

ERP Implementation

Seamless ERP Integration with Magento2! Harness the Power of Netsuite, Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, and Epicor to Streamline Your Business Operations. Elevate Efficiency and Drive Success. We leave no aspect unexamined, delving deep into every facet of your digital presence.

From the peg to the insta cool to max revenue growth 508%



Building it Right

Building a website is complex in itself; however, building the right e-commerce websites is key to your success. Our team of highly educated dedicated Magento developers are here to help you grow your business and e-commerce website.

Lots of Happy!
Just use us as an extension of your business, we work on development via the collaboration process, this seems to suit our clients expectations, and builds a strong partnership between us. So far all our clients have been extremely happy with how we have changed their e-commerce business, and if you are happy, we’re happy – then we know your customers will be equally happy.


Magento Development Agency

The eCommerce market is keeping it high level growth pattern, with global online retail sales expected to reach $6.3 trillion in 2024 and projected to soar over $8 trillion by 2027. Partly driven by the increasing role of mobile commerce with an expected rise from $2.2 trillion in 2023 to $2.5 trillion in 2024, this alone underlines the importance of mobile friendly shopping experiences.

We can also see that the reach of eCommerce has expanded rapidly and by 2024 the market is expected to engage 4.5 billion users, with a user penetration rate of 53.9%, which would indicate a 63.2% rise by 2028. This indicates a lucrative potential for the online retail sector.

United States and China are dominating the market growth, with a combined online sales growth exceeding $4.1 trillion, reflecting their significant influence in the global eCommerce market.

It’s important to understand this environment and adapt your business to these shopping trends, particularly the shift towards mobile – which is crucial for brands. This is equally important for service provider websites to have a robust mobile optimised online presence.

Our expertise lies in how we can help brands navigate this evolving landscape. We focus on driving your business’s online growth, while crafting an optimal shopping experience that is tailored to the modern consumer, which fosters brand loyalty. In other words, we get more sales into your basket.


Our Development Process

Magento Development Model

This is where ideas start and we can define the initial research, project scope, server architecture and technical specifications. Providing a good foundation to start from.

Once we have scoped out the project, we can start adding tasks in our project management system to bring in the next stage of the project.

The design stage varies from client to client, some clients have a design created by their in-house team, some clients have come to us to fix their sites and others require a full rebrand.

Our in-house web/UX designer has been designing sites since 1996 and has built some of the biggest known brands.

Having the right infrastructure for your site to run smoothly is incredibly important, for speed of delivery, user experience and search engine optimisation. At all stages within the development process we follow web standards, making sure that your site delivers what you need.

Even though we test throughout the build process, we create specific scripts to test all the added functionality within the backend. This includes modules, compatibility, and functional testing.

We are now only four steps away from going live. You can never do enough of the testing process, but here we are now checking cross-browser compatibility, mobile compatibility and frontend functionality. Once we have achieved the desired outcome, we can promote the site to live.

You have a site with all the bells and whistles, but that’s not where we finish, we need to think about future support you will need, which can include: Service Level Agreements, Pay-per-click campaigns, and further Search Engine Optimisation.

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