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Strategy, technology and design are the cornerstones of developing strong online solutions that supports and strengthens our clients' business goals

Launching a New Store

Starting a fresh can be hard, you don't know which way to turn.

This is where we can help you start your business and help you grow your store. 

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Optimise for Speed

If your store is slow, you will be losing hundreds of potential sales. 

Let us help you optimise your existing store and brining back your potential.

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PWA Gaining Traffic for Sales

The right shop strategy, will grow your traffic & in return provide more sales.

With years of client experience, we've learned a lot along the way, let us help you.

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Upment is a digital ecommerce agency with a strategic approach to designing, coding and operating websites, web applications and Magento shops that support the best user experience for your KPIs

Case Studies

Upment Magento Store Development

Waxing Poetic

Waxing Poetic reached out to us, as they were concerned about their bounce and conversation rate going down drastically.



Kontraband reached out to us, as they were having issues during code deployments via their AWS infrastructure.

Upment Magento Store Development

Rebellious Fashion

Rebellious Fashion reached out to us, as they were concerned about their conversion rate (CR).

B2C and B2B Solutions


Magento Development

Our goal is to create the Magento shopping experiences that inspire and engages the target audience, with a real focus on usability and design that lead to sales and measurable results, giving you a stronger ROI for your shop.

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Magento Hosting

Hosting your site can be a full of many obsticles. What you want to do is run your store and not become a hosting adminstrator. We leverage our knowhow on hosting, giving you the time to concentrate on your shop. 

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Performance Optimisation

To gain true traction, you need to make sure your site is fast and allows your audience to swiftly purchase the items the desire. This is why we examine your websites data and code configuration; making improved performance enhancements, that will give greater purchasing tractions.

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Store Marketing

We help brands achieve stronger identities that are relevant, create impact and reflect businesses across various platforms. With a proven format our marketing knowhow will help you gain audiences, which will lead them into your sales funnel, which in turn will derive stronger sales. 

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