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Progressive Web Application solution for both desktop and mobile devices 

Magento PWA Demo by Upment


PWA is Mobile First

PWA uses the mobile-first approach, which means your ecommerce store will run smoothly on both the web and as a native application.


PWA on Loading Speed

Gaining two to three times faster loading speeds over a standard ecommerce store is a major plus, this also equals to higher SEO rankings on Google.


PWA on Business Savings

Converting your Magento ecommerce store into a PWA store actually saves up to 75% of building a native application. That’s a massive opportunity on the future of your web store.

Charactistics of PWA


Remove barriers to engage your customers. Build one user experience that combines the best of responsive web and mobile applications. 

Yes it's one application for both web and mobile application!

PWA Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Increase mobile sessions, pages and time session.

Recovered Shopping Carts

Recovered Shopping Carts

Dues to push notifications & easy instalation.

Mobile Sales & Revenue

Mobile Sales & Revenue

After transitioning from responsive web to PWA.

Development and Maintenance Savings

Development & Maintenance

Consolidated web, iOS & Android builds. 

PWA Studio

With over half of today’s web traffic shifting to mobile, it’s vital that you provide your customers with a great shopping experience across all devices. 

To help you with this, we utilise Magento’s PWA Studio, which is a suite of tools that will work with your Magento store, such as push notifications, location services and even the ability to have your Magento site launched right from the home screen to deliver a shopping experience that are fast and seamless across all browsers and even work offline.

This alone makes this task considerably more cost effective and delivers best-in-class shopping experiences.


Let us help you with your next level of mobile strategy, allowing you to increase engagement, but lowering your development costs.

We start by doing the following

Site Audit

A complete audit to develop the right road map

PWA Road Map

Based on the site audit, we'll prepare a Progressive Web App road map

Proof of Concept

Confirm viability of PWA for your mobile strategy

Lets Connect

Let's get your PWA shop moving forward.