Embroidering Success: Enhancing Digital Presence for a Historic Hand Embroidery Brand



Hand and Lock, established in 1767, is a renowned hand embroidery company, celebrated for its expertise in bespoke embroidery services. Specialising in ceremonial, ecclesiastical, and bridal embroidery, the company has a storied heritage of over 250 years. Hand and Lock also extends its craftsmanship through an Embroidery School, preserving and promoting the art of embroidery. The company is recognised for its dedication to quality and tradition, catering to a diverse clientele including the Royal Forces and fashion houses.


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Client Overview

Hand and Lock - Hand Embroidery, a prestigious name in the field of bespoke embroidery, with a history spanning over 250 years. The company specialises in a range of high-quality embroidery services including bespoke hand and machine embroidery, monogramming, ceremonial and ecclesiastical embroidery, bridal embroidery, and more. They are also known for their educational initiatives through the Embroidery School.

Duration of the Project

Our relationship with Hand and Lock began in November 2022, marking the start of a significant transformation in their digital presence.

Initial Challenges and Goals

The primary objective was to revamp Hand and Lock's online presence by improving the speed and domain ranking performance of their website. This goal was particularly challenging given the need to migrate their website to a new server, update a bespoke WordPress site with outdated modules, and ensure that the website's unique aesthetic and functional requirements were met.

Understanding the Target Market

The client’s target market segments are diverse, encompassing both B2B and B2C sectors with a focus on educational aspects. Their clientele ranges from individuals seeking personalised embroidery services to large-scale businesses in need of ceremonial and military regalia.


Initial Audit and Strategy Formation

Our first step was to conduct a comprehensive site and server audit using our proprietary toolset at audit.upment.com. This thorough evaluation allowed us to create a tailored strategy that addressed the specific needs of Hand and Lock.

Addressing WordPress and Hosting Challenges

We identified that the client's site was operating on an outdated version of WordPress, which necessitated a move to a new hosting solution with cloud capabilities. This move was crucial not only for immediate improvements but also for ensuring scalability in line with the client’s business growth. The bespoke modules of the site were meticulously rebuilt from scratch, allowing us to streamline the code and enhance the website’s overall performance.

Collaborative Efforts and Education

Throughout the project, we maintained a collaborative approach with Hand and Lock. Regular meetings were complemented by using Zoho Projects, facilitating direct communication with our developers and project managers. Additionally, we provided on-site training for Hand and Lock's staff, focusing on SEO and social media strategies to enhance their in-house capabilities.

User Experience (UX) Design Updates

Minor UX changes were implemented to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version. We also integrated Google Analytics 4, which was previously absent, to enable better tracking and analysis of user interactions on the site.


Choosing the Right Cloud Hosting Solution

The selection of Digital Ocean as the new hosting solution was based on several critical factors. The hardware specifications were carefully considered, ensuring that the server could handle the demands of a modern website. We upgraded their server to provide 2 GB of RAM and two CPU cores, which were identified as the minimum requirements for optimal performance.

Smooth Transition to New Host

To ensure a seamless transition, we established a staging server for comprehensive quality assurance. This allowed both our team and the client to thoroughly test the new setup before going live, minimising any potential disruptions during the switch.


Beyond Technical Upgrades

Our services extended beyond mere technical upgrades. We focused on speed optimisation for both the frontend and backend of the website and provided in-depth training to Hand and Lock’s team on maintaining this optimisation. This education was crucial for the client's long-term digital sustainability.

SEO and Digital Marketing Consultation

While our services did not encompass digital marketing implementation, we provided extensive one-on-one consultations to educate their team on effective digital marketing practices. We developed a bespoke SEO strategy, tailored to Hand and Lock’s unique market position and audience.

Integrating Brand Values

Incorporating Hand and Lock's rich history into our digital services was essential. We advised them on branded email campaigns to maintain customer loyalty and engage with their audience effectively, leveraging their storied heritage.


Quantifiable Website Performance Improvements

The enhancements made to Hand and Lock's website are evidenced by significant improvements in several key metrics:


Website Score - Improved by approximately 63%


Google Indexations - Increased by 195%


Visibility - Boosted by about 323%


Domain Authority - Elevated by around 10.26%


Performance Metrics - Increased by approximately 25.68%


Accessibility - Improved by about 31.43%


Best Practices Score - Rose by roughly 29.69%


SEO Score - Surged by 142.11%

Impact on Market Presence

The optimised SEO and enhanced website speed significantly improved the customer journey, particularly for mobile users. The increased Google indexation led to a higher influx of site visitors, thereby elevating Hand and Lock’s market presence in their niche sector.

Client Feedback and Business Impact

Hand and Lock reported noticeable improvements in customer satisfaction following our project completion. The enhancements have led to an increase in traffic and sign-ups for their courses, positively impacting their sales.

SEO Strategy and Content Engagement

The SEO strategy and training provided have empowered Hand and Lock’s team to maintain fresh, SEO-standard compliant content, resulting in improved Google rankings and online visibility.

Future Collaborations and Ongoing Support

Our engagement with Hand and Lock continues, as we provide ongoing technical support. We assist them with various technical issues, such as SSL certificates and domain DNS updates, ensuring their digital infrastructure remains robust and efficient.

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