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Discount Hardware Direct stands as a leading provider in the home improvement and furnishing industry, specializing in the design and production of interior doors, door parts, and hardware. With a decade of design and engineering experience, their US factory in Orlando, Florida, complements their global operations, blending exquisite materials and advanced technology. Known for their commitment to quality and an extensive range of styles, Discount Hardware Direct's products reflect a perfect balance of form and function, backed by a 2-year Limited Warranty.




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Background and Project Initiation

Seizing a Market Opportunity

Embarking on an ambitious journey in the home improvement and furnishing industry, Discount Hardware identified a unique opportunity to fill a pricing gap in the market. Established as a new entity in the competitive landscape, they aimed to carve out a niche with a comprehensive and user-centric online presence.

Project Genesis:

Company Focus: Home Improvement and Furnishing.

Platform Choice: Adobe Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Magento Enterprise.

Core Objective: Create a scalable, intuitive eCommerce platform from scratch.

The Drive for Digital Transformation

Discount Hardware's venture was not just about establishing an online store; it was a strategic move to claim their stake in the digital realm of home improvement and furnishing. With no previous online footprint, they had the advantage of starting afresh without the constraints of outdated systems or legacy challenges.

Strategic Considerations:

Market Analysis: Identifying the untapped potential in competitive pricing.

Digital First Approach: Building a brand-new company with a strong online presence.

Design and User Experience

Envisioning a User-Centric Design

The focus was on creating a clean, contemporary, and easy-to-navigate website that could grow alongside their expanding product lines and services. This approach was key to capturing and retaining customer interest in a highly competitive market.

Design Strategy:

Initial Consultation: Comprehensive assessment of client requirements to understand the target market.

UX/UI Focus: Designing a platform that prioritizes user experience, ensuring ease of navigation and interaction.

Collaborative Tools: Utilizing Figma for wireframing and prototyping, facilitating direct client-designer communication.

Adobe Commerce Cloud Flexibility in Design

The choice of Magento as the platform was instrumental in the design phase. Known for its flexibility and scalability, Magento allowed for a design approach that could adapt to evolving business needs, without compromising on aesthetic appeal or functionality. All designs were initially created using Figma which is a collaborative web application for interface design, this enabled us to transition our designs into Magneto 2 templates easily.

Magento’s Role in Design:

Customisation Capabilities: Leveraging Adobe Commerce Cloud adaptable nature to craft a unique online experience.

Scalable Architecture: Preparing for future expansion and feature additions.

Development and Technical Implementation

Navigating Complex Technical Landscapes

The development process presented several challenges, primarily due to the evolving nature of Discount Hardware’s requirements. The complexities were accentuated by the need to ensure that the Magento platform was configured to support a seamless shopping experience.

Technical Implementation:

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento 2): Choosing a powerful, flexible platform known for its robust eCommerce capabilities.

Overcoming Challenges: Addressing complex requirements with a structured approach, involving meticulous planning and client collaboration.

Performance Optimisation: Ensuring optimal configuration of Adobe Commerce Cloud for high performance and scalability.

Embracing Adobe Commerce Cloud’s Advanced Features

The development phase was not just about building a website; it was about harnessing the full potential of Magento’s advanced features. This included integrating complex modules to create a seamless shopping experience and laying a foundation for future technological enhancements.

Adobe Commerce Cloud’s Advanced Capabilities:

Custom Module Integration: Utilising Magento’s flexibility to integrate bespoke modules for payment, inventory management, and customer interaction.

Seamless Shopping Experience: Creating a platform that provides a smooth, intuitive user journey from browsing to checkout.

Post-Launch Support and Phase 2 Planning

Ensuring Long-term Success

Following the successful launch, our team transitioned to a support role, providing guidance and assistance to Discount Hardware’s internal team. The platform’s future development plans are in a conceptual stage, with a focus on continuously enhancing the user experience and adding advanced features.

Ongoing Support:

Secondary Support Role: Providing technical support as required, with the internal team managing day-to-day operations.

Phase 2 Conceptualisation: Planning for future enhancements and additional functionalities.

Final Results and Feedback

Early Success Indicators

The launch of the new platform marked a significant milestone for Discount Hardware. The early metrics indicated a successful adoption by users, with a substantial increase in daily site visits and high engagement rates. The feedback received from users underscored the effectiveness of the Adobe Commerce Cloud powered platform in delivering a satisfying shopping experience.

Performance Metrics:


User Engagement  - Increase from zero to around 450 daily users.


Organic Growth  - Impressive organic user acquisition with high engagement rates.


Customer Reviews  - Positive feedback highlighting ease of use and efficient service.

Future Outlook

Continuous Evolution with Magento

As Discount Hardware continues to grow, the platform's evolution will be pivotal. Staying abreast of the latest eCommerce trends and Magento 2 updates will be crucial in adapting to changing market demands and customer expectations.

Strategic Evolution:

Market Adaptation: Keeping pace with industry trends to maintain a competitive edge.

Magento’s Role: Utilising Adobe Commerce Cloud’s continual updates and new features to enhance the platform.

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