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Nestled in the heart of tradition and style, Lewis Leathers, Britain's oldest motorcycle clothier, has been defining the essence of classic leather biker jackets for over a century. With our origins dating back to 1892, our London-based heritage brand melds timeless designs with meticulous craftsmanship. Celebrated for our bespoke leather jackets, footwear, and a distinctive range of accessories, our legacy thrives in every stitch and seam. At Lewis Leathers, we pride ourselves on a rich history of serving generations of bikers and fashion enthusiasts with products that resonate with quality, durability, and unparalleled style. Experience the legacy where every piece tells a story.


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Crafting a Digital Identity for Heritage Brand

Lewis Leathers, with its esteemed position as Britain's oldest motorcycle clothier, presented a unique challenge. Established in 1892, the company's reputation in premium leather biker jackets, alongside a range of accessories, positioned them uniquely in the market. Our journey with Lewis Leathers began in August 2020, focusing on translating their rich legacy into a digital format that resonates with their brand ethos.

Key Highlights:

Client Name: Lewis Leathers.

Specialisation: High-end leather biker jackets and an array of lifestyle products.

Heritage: Over a century of craftsmanship since 1892.

Project Commencement: August 2020.

Primary Objective: To develop a bespoke eCommerce platform aligned with their distinct brand guidelines.

Challenge: Overcoming the limitations of previously altered Magento core code and ensuring seamless integration of new modules.

Target Market: Catering to B2C customers with a unique niche in custom products for the film and arts industry.

Historical Essence: Embracing the heritage of the AVIAKIT brand, synonymous with Lewis Leathers’ identity.


Blueprinting a Legacy Brand's Digital Transformation

The process was initiated with a comprehensive scoping document, ensuring all requirements were meticulously outlined. This foundational stage was crucial in aligning the project with Lewis Leathers’ unique brand image and operational needs.

Strategic Steps:

Initial Planning: Collaboratively developed a detailed scoping document with Lewis Leathers.

Brand Integration: Translated Lewis Leathers' strong brand image into functional designs using Figma layouts.

Overcoming Legacy Code Challenges: Rejected the pre-existing Magento code, opting to start anew for a more robust and scalable website. Due to the previous agency directly updating the core-code and not using any form of code repositories for historical reference.

Module Integration: Addressed complex integration needs, ranging from payment solutions to bespoke product customisation options.

Quality Assurance: Deployed a rigorous testing regime across various devices to ensure compatibility and user experience.

Collaborative Development: Fostered a synergistic working relationship, balancing the use of project management tools with direct client interactions.


Building on a Robust Digital Foundation

The technological aspect was pivotal in actualising Lewis Leathers’ vision. We utilised a blend of modern and reliable technologies, ensuring the platform was not just visually appealing but also functionally superior.

Technical Aspects:

Core Platform: Magento.

Technologies Used: PHP, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery for frontend development; MySQL, HAProxy, Redis, Varnish for backend operations.

Module Integration: Carefully navigated the challenges of integrating diverse modules within Magento’s framework.

Custom Development: Tailored a module for custom jacket orders, enhancing the Magento product options with bespoke functionalities.

Payment Integration: Ensured seamless integration of new payment systems with existing POS, backed by exhaustive testing.


Extending Beyond Web Development

Our services for Lewis Leathers went beyond mere website development, encompassing various aspects necessary for a comprehensive digital presence.

Service Overview:

SEO and Marketing: Implemented effective onsite SEO strategies.

POS System Procurement: Assisted in sourcing and setting up optimal POS systems.

Email Server Enhancement: Upgraded their email server for better performance.

Client-Centric Strategy: Focused on understanding and fulfilling Lewis Leathers' specific requirements for maximised ROI.

Ongoing Engagement: Ensured continual updates and improvements in line with evolving eCommerce trends.


Measuring Success in Numbers and Experience

The new eCommerce website for Lewis Leathers not only met but exceeded expectations, significantly impacting their business and brand presence.

Impactful Outcomes:


Launch and Growth  - Website went live in October 2021, followed by a 360% growth in six months, peaking at 555%.


Mobile User Engagement  - Notable increase in mobile users by 8%.


Order Increase  - Remarkable 1325% growth in orders, leading to a two-year backorder.


Customer Interaction  - Enhanced user experience with features like "Write Your Own Question" on product pages.


Market Position  - Strengthened position in the bespoke leather biker jacket market.


This case study exemplifies how strategic digital transformation, grounded in understanding a brand's heritage and customer needs, can lead to remarkable business growth and enhanced customer engagement. Lewis Leathers’ digital journey, powered by robust technology and innovative solutions, showcases the potential of eCommerce in elevating a legacy brand in the modern marketplace.

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