Y London
Case study

Contract: Frontend Development and Payment update
Niche: Fashion Retail

Y London is a women’s clothing brand, it is the destination for contemporary and feminine fashion featuring the latest trends and inspired collections for women who live free through fashion, art, music and travel. They also work as a wholesale company for the likes of Top Shop.

New Look Fresh Challenge

Y London had their site for a long time and required a refresh on the design and customer journey. They were also having issues with their payment system and wanted to move to Sage Pay.


Their previous site was very outdated and they were losing sales on a daily basis, this was due to a convoluted customer journeys and no CTA from the home page – enabling them to promote their latest collections.


We examined their website and provided them with a breakdown of the challenges their customers were coming across. This enabled us to design a new user interface defining better CTA. Whilst building the new templates, we also removed their old payment system and connected to Sage Pay.


They had a notable increase in their sales and fewer complaints were coming in due to ordering issues. Using Sage Pay enabled us to directly link the sales across to their accounts department – providing them with instant updates.