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Over time code deteriorates as you add new functionality, widgets and modules to your online store. This can affect the sites performance, which in turn affects the website from running optimally, which in turn leads to lost revenue. 

The reason to have an audit is to discover the performance bottlenecks and fix them to perform optimally, maximising your eCommerce website. 

We have two distinct audits that we can perform:

1. Magento Build and Performance
2. Magento Frontend Audit 

Magento Build and Performance Audit

This audits main focus is to ensure the stability, integrity and capabilities of your website. Being that we have built many eCommerce stores, we use our knowledge and have created a performance matrix that we use to implement best practices correctly. 

Our audit report will provide you with a list of issues, defined by their priority; from there we can define an estimate for each action required. 

What is included in this audit?

1. Server configuration
2. Magento configuration
3. Modifications to core code
4. Extension review (bespoke & third-party)
5. Integration review

ERP Integration

Magento Frontend Audit

The Frontend Audit examines the frontend build of your site, this is equally important as the Build and Performance Audit, as it defines the quality of your site, which in turn affects your customer journey and how search engines will rank your website. This task is performed by a in house QA who will conduct an exploratory test across your website, which examines browsers and devices. We take that information and provide you with an issues report.

What is included in this audit?

1. Identify functional issues
2. Validate compatibility and accessibility issues
3. Provide UX (user experience) issues

We will provide you with a report on recommendations on what your next steps would be to move your site forward. Once confirmed on priority fixes, we can then pass these tasks onto our UX Designer and Frontend Developer to fix those issues. 

Frontend UX Audit

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There are many other areas that we optimise, such as: cataloguing, tuning your MySQL server, indexing to merging the scripts that are used across your site.

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