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In today’s market place having a site that provides customers with the easiest call to action will lead to stronger performance and improves revenue by many folds.

Page speed defines the time it takes to load all the content on a specific page, whether that’s server side or frontend by improving page speed we not only make the page more efficient, but also improve the users experience.

There are so many more aspects that are needed to make this work effectively.

Site Speed

Is your site meeting the needs of your customers and your Google ranking?


Has your sites caching be set up correctly?

Site Architecture

Has the architecture of your site been correctly configured for growth?

Product Management

Is there an issue with internal reporting?


Are you using the right hosting for your business?


How much redundant code is slowing your site down?


Have they been organised to maximise delivery processes?


A fast Magento Store equals happy customers. Don't let your customers leave due to a slow website.

Each client has their own issues and by allowing us to do a deep-dive, we can figure out what is causing the greatest bottlenecks and how best we can tackle these, allowing you to focus on growing your business, knowing that your site is optimised and making money.

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