Can be a total minefield and that's why our clients put their trust in us running their Magento hosting, allowing them to concentrate on their business growth, whilst we protect their hosting needs. 

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Growth Magento Hosting

Uninterrupted hosting is paramount to your Magento store success; our services provide you with a flexible approach to hosting. It doesn’t matter how big your store is. Think of our hosting like an elastic band; it allows you to stretch as far as you like or reduce back to its original size. Well, this is what our Magento cloud hosting services does automatically.

Example: You have 100 clients on your site, the elastic band is stretched to 1". At 15:59 your marketing campaign kicks in, bringing you an extra 1000 clients to your site – this means your hosting will need to stretch to 1m. Using a regular hosting package by another provider will just collapse your site and sadly your site will not be accessible to all those potential clients. Don't worry we have a resolve for this. 

Our Resolve: We take a flexible approach to hosting. If you need that extra space for your clients – then we’ll grow your space automatically. You don’t have to do anything - our servers will look after you and if you don’t need that extra stretch, then our server will automatically reduce in size. Giving you the most cost effective hosting that your business could need.


Hosting Consultation

If you’re an online merchant that’s unsure of what you need, that’s ok! Our experts will work with you to identify exactly what infrastructure will work best for today, but also look at future business growth. Hosting strategy is one of our routes to helping online businesses grow without those hosting headaches.


Code Deployments

Reduce your development lifecycle - Automated Code Deployments allow you to continuously upgrade and integrate the technologies your business needs to compete and grow, and with Upment hosting - it’s all done in the background allowing you to focus on your business.


Maintenance Support

You can be comforted in knowing we are here to help you with the smooth running of your Magento store. Stores require software upgrades and security patches on a regular basis, these can be a real pain for store owners; however, our ongoing support process covers this, allowing you to focus on what’s important for your business growth.


Security Hosting Audit

With all the regulatory business requirements that are coming into legislation, one part is security of information, which fits into the GDPR remit. We have a policy of not leaving security issues to chance. We work continuously on your behalf, ensuring your server environments include the latest updates and security patches. We protect you and thus protecting your customers!

Proven Solutions
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Your hosting should be customised to your business and delivered the way you need it. Our team of experts get to know what you do and how you do it, before providing an opinionated, custom solution - helping your company in choosing the right solution for you. 

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