Introduction: Exploring the New Bing Chat

Hey there. Now, today I want to sort of discuss my first look at Bing Chat. You know, people are saying that it’s super smart, an ultra cool chat bot that can answer all your questions and help you get creative.

It uses natural language processing and has pretty amazing conversational skills. You could say Bing Chat is the ultimate sidekick for anyone who wants to learn, create and explore.

The Appeal of Bing Chat: Conversational Tone and Creative Abilities

I’ve spent the whole morning playing around and taking a first look, and let me tell you, it’s quite addictive and has endless possibilities.

Key Features of Bing Chat: Natural Language and Conversational Search

At the moment it’s in beta stages and I was lucky enough to actually get an invite to have a look at it. I suppose what I liked about Bing Chat is its use of natural language and its answers are more in a conversational tone.

You don’t actually have to worry about the way you phrase your question in any specific way. This means that you can get conversational search results that are informative, visual, logical, and actionable. And I noted that Bing Chat even provides relative suggestions for your next search. Now, it is more than capable of generating content such as poems, stories, songs, essays, and even code.

And if you’re feeling relatively playful, you can even have some fun with Bing Chat’s creative ability. You could generally chat with it about anything you want.

Engaging Personality: Emojis and Excitement in Bing Chat

You’ll note that Bing Chat has a positive, polite, interesting, and even engaging personality. What do I mean by engaging personality? Being a chat, the way it actually expresses emotions is with the use of emojis.

Yeah, that’s right. If it’s happy, it uses a smiley emoji, and if it’s sad, it utilises a teary emoji. Also, you can see that it has an element of excitement in there when it talks to you, which is, which is quite an interesting standing. Without a doubt, you can learn from its knowledge and insights that it provides.
Being that it is part of Bing search, it’ll provide you with links to the relevant sources.

Exploring the Limits: The Drawbacks of Bing Chat

However, I suppose you should be aware that it does have some limitations. You can only ask up to 5 questions per chat session, and up to 50 questions per day. The reason behind this is to prevent abuse and assure quality of service for all its users.

I’ve noticed that some of the answers are not really satisfactory and may lead you down the wrong garden path. Bing chat has been programmed not to answer all questions such as sensitive or inappropriate ones. But I think that as this is part of Bing search, that generally makes sense, especially as we saw all the issues with Google’s first attempt at using their AI chat system.

Testing Bing Chat’s Versatility: From Poetry to Coding

So, I went along and installed Microsoft Edge on my Mac, which, to be honest, I didn’t even know was available at the time of wanting to test this. Signed in and voila, I was able to access Bing chat. This really enabled me to test it, and I just followed a few principle questions.

Questions were, I want to know how to draw a mouse, write me a poem about a mouse, write a story about a mouse and a cat, write a song about a mouse wearing a hat, and actually it did a very good job on all of those, it was quite interesting to see what it came up with.

Now, I also asked it to write an essay about mouse habitat, and it wrote an essay, but gave links to specific. websites that are relevant to that.

Bing Chat for Developers: Analysing and Fixing Code

Then we came to the sort of coding aspect. So I said, you know, can you code in PHP as an example list that includes cheese, mouse, mousetrap, and cat? Then I asked it to do exactly the same in JavaScript and then in NET, which it managed to do extremely well.

Then I copied the code from the NET code and made some errors and asked it to fix the errors, which it pointed out perfectly. So if you’re a developer, you can actually, you know, utilise it to look at code and maybe fix the code.

Visualising Bing Chat’s Capabilities: A YouTube Demo

Now, obviously, it’s hard to show. here on a podcast of the results. But what I did do is I created a YouTube video, um, where you can look up Upment and you’ll see the video and you can sit there and watch the results as they happen.

Evaluating Bing Chat: Pros and Cons

I would say while Bing Chat has some great features, like its conversational tone and ability to generate content, there are some issues that need to be addressed. For example, the limitation on the number and type of questions that can be asked may hinder its usefulness for some users. Additionally, the AI technology still needs refinement to ensure accuracy and relevancy in its responses.

Future Potential: Bing Chat’s Role in the AI Landscape

I feel with further improvements, Bing Chat has the potential to be a total game changer and will definitely prove to be a substantial competitor for Google Search. But for now, it still has some growing pains it needs to iron out. I’m sure this is why it’s still in beta test mode with limited users.

Getting Access: How to Join Bing Chat’s Waitlist

If you want to join in with Bing Chat, you have to join their waitlist. Select join waitlist at You’ll need to provide your email address and Microsoft will let you know when access is available to the new search engine.

The first wave of Bing Chat invites have already gone out. So, if you sign up now, you have a good chance of getting access soon. It’s not really, I suppose, it’s not a competitor to ChatGPT, um, because it’s using ChatGPT.

However, it’s not quite as good as the offerings of ChatGPT. Obviously, you can. There, you can ask a lot of questions and you’re not limited to what you can ask.

Personal Verdict: Is Bing Chat a Part of My Workflow?

Would I be using Bing chat as part of my workflow? No, not at all. But then again, I don’t actually use chat GPT as part of my workflow.

Conclusion: A Brief Insight into Bing Chat

Anyway, this is just a short episode to tell you my experience on Bing chat.
If you’d like to see what it does, as I said, head over to our YouTube channel, where you can watch the full video and it’ll give you a greater understanding of whether it’s any use for yourselves or whether it’s used for signing up.

Closing Remarks and Invitation to Explore More

So thank you for listening. I look forward to chatting to you tomorrow. Have a great evening. Bye.



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