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Luxury Brands are pushing their business

With the conclusion of London fashion week and now Paris fashion week 2020 is in full swing. All Fashionesta’s are on the lookout to see what are the latest trends happening within the luxury goods will be. I was particularly delighted to see Victoria Beckham’s ready to wear spring summer 2020 collection, she has used elegant silhouettes, simple spring colours and delightful checks – enhancing her collection even more.

Paris fashion week opened with the Japanese designer Mame  Kurogouchi, this collection was a humble note to her time in Iceland, the designer delivered a feeling of simple nature and the primitive lines, defining the wisdom of Icelandic everyday life.

On a recent interview with Mame, she stated:

“When information is instantly accessible, I feel the strong need to make a garment as timeless and special as possible. In the modern world, where so many clothes come and go, I take the meaning of producing new garments seriously. My philosophy of highlighting the artisanal background of apparel production has remained consistent since I launched, but in recent years sharing narratives has become something close to my heart.”

London Fashion Week

Mame’s statement about ‘instantly accessible information’ could not be further from the truth, especially for luxury fashion brands. They need to tackle the onslaught of Instagram and other forms of social delivery by keeping their collections timeless; enabling their social media presence to always look fresh and appealing.

Which begs the question are luxury brands now just pandering to social media pressure or are they redefining their brand experience?

I think there is an element to both, you cannot deny the power of social media in today’s marketplace and that’s all brands including luxury brands need to be included within this powerhouse of being social. It’s about creating awareness to new clientele and delivering brand trust to existing clientele. We know one thing that all social media leads potential audiences to their e-commerce websites.

Over the years we have noted that the websites we built for our fashion clients, all now request that social connectivity to their e-commerce websites. Helping them further drive traffic to their websites and creates good stable sales funnels. This is particularly pertinent to one of our client’s Rebellious Fashion, who has an incredible social media following and has created a loyalty brand.

London, Paris, New York and Milan Fashion weeks have always led the trends, from seasonal colours to silhouettes. These trends then bleed into High Street fashion stores such as Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Zara – where are the stores will define their new collections on a simplified version of the luxury brands; however, these High Street brands have led the social media prowess, which has created the marketing trend that luxury brands are now following.

It is all very well creating a wonderful sales funnel from your social media, but if your website is not optimised correctly you could be doing your business more damage than needed. In today’s market both have to be working succinctly, people want fast access and easy purchase structures, these are quite often forgotten. With the majority of purchases being done on mobile devices, it is so easy to lose your potential customer through hey slow website.

When we design and develop websites we follow the following points, these have proved successful for our clients I hope that if you implement these into your e-commerce websites you will have the success that our clients have.

Hosting to Grow
A good service structure that can handle visitors. It’s not just about simple hosting many people will go for a cost-effective hosting over the correct hosting structure. Your hosting is the foundation for your online business and if you don’t have a strong foundation like a house it will collapse.

Perfecting your Frontend Design
The creation of a simple customer journey, enabling a customer to get from A to B without having to include long convoluted navigational redirects. The customer journey is all-important for your business growth.

Content it’s Still King You know
You have probably all heard about the tired statements that ‘Content is King’, the statements may become boring; however, it is very true. The content on your site is key to get good search engine rankings. When we build e-commerce sites we will also utilise good coding practices that will help you with your content and your rankings.

Scalability – Future Proof that e-Commerce website
People often ask me why I recommend Magento over other e-commerce applications, this is quite a simple question to answer: scalability is absolutely essential for your business to grow and utilising some of these e-commerce platforms can end up being a costly investment as you are fixed to utilising their services only and not being able to move your e-commerce business to a different hosting provider or in some cases you’re fixed solely to the agency that built it. This is why we recommend Magento – you are not held to anyone but yourselves, you can grow your websites at a pace that suits your business goals.

Speed up that Website
Speed Speed Speed is like the term Location Location Location, this is one of the most important aspects of your website. If your website is slow you’re just simply losing clients, which in turn can lose your business a tremendous amount of money and in some circumstances businesses that have slow websites will fail. Having a well-optimised Magento e-commerce store will see you in good stead for future business – don’t go for anything less.

There are other options open to you as well. Being that we are at the leading edge of technology we provide Progressive Web Apps (PWA), this application it’s like having your websites on steroids, superfast, downloadable – which is like having your own mobile application without the heavy cost of building one. Now that is one sexy bit of technology for your business. Interestingly it is the likes of the High Street online marketplaces that are using this PWA technology; however, luxury goods brands will eventually catch up and follow this trend.


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