Hey there, brand builders. Welcome to the Insiders Podcast. I’m your host, Mark Hebblewhite. I’m so excited to be talking about one of my favourite topics today, creating a cohesive brand.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, Ugh, branding is so boring, but trust me, it’s not. Creating a cohesive brand is like having a secret weapon for your business. It makes you stand out, look good and gives you a secret identity that your customers can trust.

Business Growth Slowing Down?

Being a business owner myself, I spend a lot of time in my office till pretty late at night. One evening my phone rang, which isn’t that unusual as we are an international business, but this call stood out.

It was a lady called Jane. She owns a small online retail. I could sense that she was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because she couldn’t understand why her business wasn’t growing as fast as she wanted it to.

After talking to her for quite a while, I realized that the problem was the company’s website and social media pages, they all had one thing in common:

An inconsistent message, colours and logos, which made it very difficult for customers to identify and remember.

I could hear the stress in Jane’s voice as she talked about how she had tried everything to fix the problem, but nothing seemed to work.

I reassured her that this was a common problem that many small businesses face, and that together we would find a solution. I saw many small businesses like this, you know, I’ve worked for absolutely humongous corporations, and they quite often move out of brand consistency and need to be railed back in.

Brand Guidelines

Anyway, we got to work right away, and I helped her establish assessor brand guidelines that included consistent messaging, colours and logos.

We also made sure that all the company’s marketing material covered the same message and values-making it easy for customers to identify and remember her brand.

By no means is this an easy task.

This always takes some time, but eventually putting in the hard work pays off. Customers were able to easily identify and remember their brand. As a result, Jane saw a significant increase in customer engagement on their websites and social media pages.

They also saw an increase in customer trust and loyalty, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales and revenue for the company.

Jane was absolutely ecstatic for our help, and she couldn’t believe the positive impact the cohesive brand had on her business. She was now able to focus on growing her business and making it a success, and that’s the true power of cohesive branding. Let me give you an example.

When you see the iconic Nike Swoosh, what comes to mind?

How to Create a Cohesive Brand?

Nike, right? That’s the power of cohesive branding. And the best part is you don’t have to be a big brand like Nike to utilise that. So how do you create one?

It’s all about consistency. Make sure all of your marketing material from your website to social media pages convey the same message and use the same colours and logos of messaging.

By doing this, you’ll make it easy for customers to identify your brand and associate it with a specific set of values of products, a good value proposition. You see a consistent and clear brand identity helps to establish trust and loyalty with your customers, which is essential for any business to grow and succeed.

But creating a cohesive brand isn’t just about making things look pretty. It’s also about building trust. When customers see a consistent message across all your material, they know they can trust you and your products, and that’s the ultimate goal-building trust and loyalty with your customer.

And don’t worry, you don’t need a big budget to create a cohesive brand. Just start small, focus on one or two platforms and expand from there.

The most important thing is to stay consistent and true to your brand. So don’t feel afraid to experiment and have fun with it. Remember, creating a cohesive brand is like having a secret weapon for your business. It makes you stand out, look good, and gives you a secret identity that your customers can trust.

On our next episode, we’ll be talking about unique selling propositions or USP‘s. We would love to hear your feedback on our episodes and any questions you may have about e-commerce branding and marketing. Please leave your comments on our channel and we’ll do our best to address them in future podcast episodes.

In the meantime. Thank you for tuning in, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.


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